Ed Hardy: Skull & Roses Eau De Parfum


As you all should know by now I love skulls so obviously when I saw this bottle I had to get it. I’ve always loved Ed Hardy perfumes for the scents, and also the packaging because the designs look like tattoos and that’s just cool to me. I didn’t purchase this right away because I wasn’t sure how it would smell on me so I sprayed it on my wrist and left it there for the day and if I couldn’t live without it then I would go buy it. Well I eventually purchased it and I’m now obsessed with it.

Wild strawberry, blood orange, peach juice, gardenia, apple blossom, water lily, caramel, sandalwood and musk.

It’s warm, addictive and feminine.

I purchased mine at Kohls, it’s the 2.5Fl.oz. It also comes in a regular bottle with just a skull head as the cap but since I love skulls I wanted the actual bottle so I can keep it even after it’s empty. If any of you are looking for a new fragrance check this one out! Until next time xoxo

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