Deja Vu Cosmetics Review: Part 1


Deja Vu Cosmetics was kind enough to send me some amazing products to review for all of you. For those of you who aren’t familier with the brand here’s a little background information:

All of their products contain natural minerals from the dead sea, origin in Israel. The Deja Vu product line is formulated from dead sea minerals, renowned for their therapeutic and healing effects for more than two thousand years. Dead sea salts and minerals are especially beneficial for skin and beauty care, namely slowing skin aging, balancing skin moisture and increasing circulation, for an overall healthy look and feeling.

With that being said I’m very excited to test out these products, since there is quite a few I decided to break it down into different posts so keep an eye out for them. The first products that really stood out to me were the All day Moisturizer, Milk Cleanser, and the Purifying Toner. Three great products for those of you who wear makeup everyday and want a really clean and fresh feeling face at night.

Milk Cleanser

Opens pores and melts makeup, oils and other impurities, to deep clean, balance and moisturize facial skin.

Smoothing and softening Almond oil and Chamomile extract combine with anti-inflammatory, healing and conditioning properties of Aloe Vera and Verbena. Skin tightening cucumber throughly cleans and conditions delicate facial skin. Mineral-rich Dead Sea Water improves circulation, while Ginseng serves as an energy booster within the skin cells. Following cleansing, evening Primrose Oil and Sesame oil seal the pores with a layer of anti-bacterial moisturizer.

Purifying Toner 

Deep cleans open pores, while gently peeling surface skin layers and balancing facial skin.
The invigorating Toner closes the pores, contributing to a cleaner, healthier, more youthful complexion.

Mineral and vitamin-rich Dead Sea Water and Ginseng improve blood circulation and boost energy within the cells, respectively, stimulating a healthy glow. Rich in anti-oxidants, Camellia Sinensis leaf extract and vitamin E protect the skin against harmful free-radicals that expedite the aging process. Aloe Vera and Chamomile are soothing anti-inflammatories, known for their healing qualities. Indulgent Algae extract and Jojoba extract condition the skin with a layer of nourishing hydration that promote elasticity, while preventing wrinkles.

All-Day Moisturizer 

Potent anti-aging formula for daily facial hydration. Peptides are a key active ingredient stimulating collagen growth, rejuvenating skin and reducing the skin wrinkles characteristics of aging. Use of the cream moisturizes and balances the skin, while reducing existing wrinkles and preventing new ones from appearing.

The moisturizer has a very high content of healing and nourishing ingredients, including mineral-rich Dead Sea Water, Jojoba, Sesame and Rosa Canina and evening primrose oils, Borage oil and Shea butter. Naturally soothing Aloe Vera, Calendula and Chamomile calm the skin, while vitamin E provides anti-oxidant protection.

With this powerful formula, you will enjoy the radiance of firmer, softer, younger looking skin!

What I Thought 

The first night I used all three (they go in order milk cleanser, purifying toner, and than the moisturizer) I was blown away by how soft and smooth my skin felt. I feel as if these products really cleaned out my pores and by the next morning my skin wasn’t at all dry. I noticed some of my blemishes started to go away without me touching them, and my makeup has gone on so much smoother since I’ve been using these products. I highly recommend all of you give these three a try, they are great products to add to your skin care regimen.

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