My Beauty Tips & Tricks


There are a lot of different beauty tips and tricks out there and everyone does things differently. So today I decided I would share with you some of my tips that I do when applying my makeup.

  1. I always apply Anastasia Beverly Hills eye brow primer to my brows before and after I fill them in. Reason being is that it holds all the hairs in place and the product doesn’t move throughout the day.
  2. When applying eyeliner I like it dark which is why I layer. Once I apply my gel liner from MAC in      Black track to the top and bottom, I then go over it with MAC pencil liner in Feline, and than I’ll dab on black eye shadow on top of it all. That way it lasts a lot longer and its as black as it can get.
  3. When it comes to mascara I hate clumpy lashes, so what I do to prep my lashes ( or as I call it, waking them up) is apply my MAC Haute and Naughty mascara first. If any of you have tried this than you know you can use it two ways. One for fuller lashes and one for not so full lashes. I don’t start off with a lot of product on the brush because I go in with more mascara later. So I’ll apply a really thin coat on the top and bottom and let it dry. I’ll then go back with MAC’s False Lash extreme (which is for a fuller look) and apply 1-2 coats of that. Since I hate clumpy lashes I’ll go back with the brush from the Haute & Naughty and just declump and separate my lashes.
  4. As for covering up imperfections I use a concealer that is the same color as my skin tone. I feel like using the same color helps hide the imperfection a hell of a lot better than using lighter shades. It covers up redness and it blends in with your skin perfectly, plus when applying your foundation its easier to blend it in. I use MAC Pro conceal and correct palette in medium, the exact shade is NC35.
  5. One thing that is so annoying is applying foundation over dry patches of skin. It not only looks ugly but it than starts to peel. That is why I use Deja Vu dead sea minerals facial peel serum. What it does is remove the dead skin from your face. Let me just tell you this product is amazing and everyone should own it because its like magic.

6. Lastly is the lips. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip primer which is a gift from god. I apply it before putting any type of pigment on my lips. It helps it last longer and it helps prevent your lips from drying.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got something out of it. Until next time xoxo!


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