Art of Beauty


I firmly believe that makeup is a form of art. Wether that be special effects, runway, or everyday looks it’s truly a talent. Like most girls makeup is a staple in our lives, I know I never leave the house without doing my makeup first. To some people it may just be another step in their daily routine but to me I enjoy doing it. I’ve always been into makeup and the whole beauty world ever since I started watching YouTube videos of beauty gurus. Besides watching countless makeup videos I love to scroll through Pinterest which is why I’m writing this post and because of the many accounts I follow on Instagram. I’ve come across so many stunning makeup looks and it’s amazing what these artists are capable of doing to the face. Painting may not be popular anymore, but painting the face sure is in.

I appreciate a good makeup artist when I see one because it’s not easy. I’m self taught, I would watch YouTube videos and print out the step by step directions and copy them every morning until I got it right. And from there I kept getting better and better. Makeup is a passion of mine and hopefully one day that’ll get me somewhere along with blogging. But back to the art of beauty and makeup. I don’t care if you are naturally this talented or if you went to school and countless classes to learn this stuff, either way it’s unbelievable. I truly envy the professional makeup artists not only the ones that get to work on celebrities and fashion weeks but to the ones who really know what they are doing and are passionate about it.

Makeup is just another way to express yourself wether you keep it simple or go full out glam everyday. The looks that get created for photo shoots, views on YouTube, celebrities, likes on Instagram, or just for personal fulfillment. They are such amazing pieces of work that I’m sure most of us girls can appreciate. Down below is a link to an article of the Kardashians makeup artist Joyce Bonelli. It talks about how she just paints on reality stars’ faces instead of a canvas, and how “any painting is contouring, this is thousands of years of art: it’s making something three-dimensional”. This article is exactly what I’m trying to get at, makeup is the new form of art and its totally inspiring. So please check out the article and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! xoxo


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