Shades of fall


Since fall has arrived I thought I would share with you my favorite fall shades. Ever since I bought the Jaclyn Hill favorites palette by Morphe that is literally all I’ve been using. One reason being is that the palette just screams fall with all the warm colors. Not only are the shades and pigments  amazing but their prices are very affordable with their single shadows being only $2.29. I also have 3 dupes by MAC for those who are interested in just the matte shades.


From left to right:  Dazzling, Burlesque, Secretive, Deep Cocoa, Spice, Marbleized

Since they no longer have the Jaclyn hill palette I’ve listed the single shadows above so you could by them separately or make your own palette. I love browns, burnt oranges, and deep maroon colors for the fall because they remind me of the colors of leaves. The shimmery shades are gorgeous as well especially when used with MAC’s fix plus, it brings out more of the pigment. These swatches don’t do them justice, so anyone who hasn’t tried the Morphe shadows I highly recommend it.


From left to right: Corduroy, Brown Script, & Rule

These are the MAC dupes for the Morphe shadows in  Deep Cocoa, Secretive, and Spice they are very similar in color. Corduroy is a muted redish brown, Brown Script is a warm chestnut brown, and Rule is a vivid orange. They are each $16 and are perfect shades for fall.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favorite colors are for fall.xoxo

MAC Dupes:

Morphe Single Shadows:

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