Nailed it


I get so many compliments and questions on my nails so I figured I would write a post talking about them. I’m not into crazy colored (I prefer more neutral colors) nails or painting them myself. I used to repaint them every two weeks because I would get sick of the color. So senior year of high school I got¬†acrylic nails for prom and I had them on for maybe 3 months. I switched nail salons after that because it was far to expensive and the acrylic was not being filled right therefor I formed some type of fungus under the nail. Once I switched salons I started to get gel tips instead for two reasons 1.Its a lot healthier for your nails and it lasts longer 2. at that point my nails were already long enough that I didn’t need the acrylic.

As I said before I’ve never gotten an actual color on my nails, when I first started it was a french every time. I ¬†eventually got sick of that and wanted to know what it would look like if I went with just the cool pink gel (which if you don’t know what that is it’s the color they put all over the nail when doing a french except without the white line), well ever since than that is what I stick too. Personally I think it looks fresh,clean, and classy. It goes with every outfit so you never have to worry about your nails matching or not. Plus I never get sick of looking at them because they are so natural looking.


This is the gel she uses on my nails its the Cool Pink Semi-Sheer

They last about 4 weeks before I have to go back and get them filled depending on wether or not I break one. These are my real nails, all that is on them is the gel which hardens under the uv lights. My nails are still strong and healthy unlike when I had acrylic. The time it takes to get them filled is under and hour so you won’t be sitting there all day. If any of you are looking for another option to still keep your nails healthy but long than definitely try out gel tips. I recommend them to everyone I talk to because they are not as expensive and they look ten times better than acrylic’s because they don’t look fake.

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