Back to school essentials



That dreadful time is almost here I know summer is not over yet and by no means am I trying to rush it, but back to school shopping has begun and I thought I would share my school essentials. I’m in college so I don’t need a lot of school supplies but these are the things I definitely need!

  • Hand sanitizer is a MUST, with all the things you touch at school like keyboards and desks, even door handles it’s important to carry around hand sanitizer. I have one on me at all times.
  • Next is a notebook, my favorite is the Five Star 5 subject ones because they come with folders inside so all I need to carry around is this notebook and I’ll be set. Plus these notebooks last me two semesters before I have to buy another.
  • A planner is so necessary because how else are you supposed to remember all the assignments you get. I love the ones from Victoria Secret, they are only $15. They are the perfect size especially to throw in your purse, and they come with two pages of super cute stickers. IMG_8704
  • Than we have a laptop, being in college you definitely need one. Almost every single assignment I get is online so I’m constantly on the computer!
  • Water, as you all know I carry a bottle with me wherever I go. It’s a lot easier to bring your own to class so you don’t have to waste money buying one there, that also goes for snacks. I always bring snacks with me because I get really hungry.
  • Lastly is a big bag/purse I don’t like having two separate bags so I usually just use a big purse that way I have all my essentials from my purse with me along with my books that I need for the day. Sometimes I’ll even just carry my books if they don’t fit in my bag. This is the bag I might be using come the fall it’s by Tano. It is so big and spacious which is what I love about it so it fits everything I need.


Those are my basic school essentials, plus the textbooks I’ll have to get come fall. But I hope this helped those that are going back to school! I hope you all have a great weekend xo.

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