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With all the apps we have now a days you can pretty much do anything. Editing photos is something everyone does and people are always curious as to what apps somebody uses. I see videos like this all over YouTube so I decided I would make a post on it. Now there are a handful of different apps I use depending on what I’m going for that I will share with you.

IMG_8623 IMG_8624 IMG_8625 IMG_8626 IMG_8628 IMG_8630 IMG_8627 IMG_8629

(From left to right)

  • First is Pic Stitch which is for making collages.
  • Next is Picfx which has all different kind of effects I use to use this app a lot before discovering the other ones I now have.
  • VSCOcam is my favorite with really nice filters, you can adjust the contrast, sharpness or have it fade out. You can also compare your original image with the edited version by holding down the image. You can also shop new filters, some are free!
  • PicsArt is my new go-to I discovered this one yesterday and I haven’t stopped messing around with it yet. This app provides you with everything you need to make amazing photo edits, artistic camera shoots, photo collages, create digital drawings, and communicate with other people. The filters and effects on this app are super cool, you can overlay photos like I did above. You can also compete in contests for photography, photo editing, drawing, and graphic design. This app has everything so seriously go check it out it’s free! Down below is a photo I edited with one of there awesome effects.



  • Then we have InstaSize which makes any photo you have the right size for instagram. It also has some effects and collages.
  • Facetune a holy grail app for most beauty gurus. You can enhance details like makeup, smooth out lines like wrinkles, and you can pick different lighting. I love this app for makeup posts, so if you too take makeup selfies definitely try out this app.
  • Squaready is another one I use all the time, if you check out my instagram you can see all my photos look like they have a white boarder around them but they don’t. All I do is change the sizing so it doesn’t take up the whole entire frame.
  • Lastly is Aviary which is a pretty common app, has lots of effects, frames, overlays, you can add meme’s, and texts. Just another typical editing app if you don’t want anything fancy.

If I had to recommend my top apps for any of you to get it would be VSCOcam, Squaready, PicsArt, and Facetune. I hope this helped some of you if you were looking for some new editing apps. I hope you all have a great weekend! xo

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