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Hello lovelies today I’ll be sharing with you my lipstick collection. I do not have a whole lot and to be honest I don’t really wear most of these but I thought it would be cool to just show you the one’s I do have! So lets get right into it..



From left to right

– Blankety, Creme Cup, Luxe Naturale, Nude Attitude, Myth, Pure Zen, Honey Love, Brave, Politely Pink

As you can tell I love my nude lipsticks, I don’t venture out into bright colors because I don’t like how they look on me. I guess I’m not used to seeing myself in them so I stick to neutrals. All the colors above are MAC, except for Nude Attitude which is by Revlon.


-Innocent- MAC , Cairo- NYX ,Buenos Aires- NYX, Nude Beige- YSL, Pure Hollywood-ANASTASIA, Tutti Frutti- REVLON, Creamsicle- REVLON, Creme Brulee- REVLON

Those are all my lipsticks eventually I want to purchase more of the Anastasia Liquid lipsticks because they are the only lip products I wear now because they are honestly amazing so look out for another post on them at some point. I know this post was short but another one will be up tomorrow, I hope you all have a great day xoxo.

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