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I don’t have perfect skin, even though I wish I did that’s just not the reality of it. I do try everything I can though to get my skin as perfect as it can get. For the most part my skin is always clear, but from time to time I do get acne. And let’s face it anyone who is human get’s it. There are tons and tons of products out there to help with acne and what not, but these are the products that work best for me.

The first one is BOOTS expert anti-blemish cleansing foam, you can find this at Target or on Amazon for $5.49. What it does is it unclogs your pores and it’s specially formulated for a deep cleaning to help reduce and eliminate acne. This is my everyday face cleanser, I use this to take off my makeup too when I’m in the shower because it’s very gentle and it removes all of my makeup at once.

Next is Garnier Clean Blackhead eliminating scrub. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and it gets really frustrating when they don’t go away. So I decided to try this product out that I got at the drugstore. It unclogs pores, and clears complexion. It’s a gel exfoliator with micro beads that deeply cleanses, tightens pores, and smoothes skin. It’s formula is infused with charcoal that draws out blackhead causing dirt, oil, and impurities, like a magnet. After one use it unclogs pores and smoothes skin. After one week the pores are diminished and complexion is clear. I love the micro beads for I feel like they are really getting the job done.


As far as topical medicine goes I go to my dermatologist because I want something that will work specifically for me. I use the Adapalene Gel, 0.3% all you do is apply a thin layer at night to the affected area. It helps for when I get acne and I’ve been using this for years. So if nothing is working for you I would recommend seeing a dermatologist so they can give you a prescription that will work just for you and your skin.

Lastly is the ever so famous Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes. Now I only use these when I want to take my face makeup off like before I go to the gym or when I get home from work but still want to keep my eye makeup on. These towelettes really do get every last bit of makeup off your face and they don’t leave your face real red after.

That is my skin care routine, I’m not one to have this whole list of products because I only stick to products I know work well for me and thats only a handful of good products. Also these skin care products are not expensive at all which is great especially when it’s time to repurchase!

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