Summer essentials



Summer, a time where your hair gets frizzy,your face oily, and your skin sunburn. Other than that I love summer and there are definitely some essentials that I need to get me through the hot months.

  • I’ll start with sunscreen, super important when you are out laying in the sun. You have to protect your skin now for you will thank yourself as you get older. I decided to try Australian Gold spray gel with instant bronzer just to add a little bit of a glow when I’m out in the sun.
  • Next is definitely a good bathing suit, I’ m sure most of you have that one go-to bathing suit. Well mine is from Victoria Secret, I’m obsessed with it and I got it for only $40 which is pretty good considering their bathing suits are not cheap.
  • Sunglasses..can’t leave the house without them.
  • For all my girls that have natural curly hair, you know how frizzy our hair can get even if we do style it. My go-to is the It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Serum. It helps maintain frizz and leaves your hair looking shiny and smooth.
  • These jean shorts are once again my go-to for when I’m going to the beach or running errands. They are the perfect jean short and they are super comfortable so I don’t mind being in them all day long.
  • Now I don’t have super oily skin, mine can be more of a combination skin but in the summer with the heat my face does tend to get more oily. So once I’m done doing my makeup I use Urban Decay’s De-Slick Oil Control setting spray. I must say this does actually help eliminate most of the oil on my face. I bought the smaller bottle to try it out and I liked it so I bought another one, the smaller bottle is only $14.
  • Lastly is lotion, with all the leg shaving I do in the summer and chlorine from the pool your skin does get dry and it’s important to stay moisturized. I’ve been using the Aveeno daily moisturizer, this is a great lotion I use it on my tattoos, and my legs since I sometimes shave them when they are dry so I definitely need the moisturizer afterwards.

Those are just some of my main essentials I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what your essentials are! By the way once I get to 100 followers I would like to do a giveaway and I want to know what kind of products you would be interested in so let me know! xo

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