Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill & Becca



I’ve been dying to get my hands on this highlighter ever since it came out, but of course it was sold out as soon as it launched. Beauty Guru Jaclyn Hill teamed up with Becca Cosmetics to make this unbelievably gorgeous highlight. This product broke Sephora’s record for most product sold in one hour. With that said you already know how amazing and well worth this product is. Down below I swatched it for you so you can see how pigmented and glowy it is.


It is a soft white gold with peachy pink undertones, which is sure to look fabulous on every skin tone. Becca also sells four other highlight shades if this one doesn’t go with your skin tone. But overall I’m obsessed with this color and the shimmer it gives. Down below is the link to buy it so definitely try it out its so worth it!


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