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I’m not one to talk about fitness and post tons of photos on Instagram of workout selfies. But my boyfriend and I have been going to the gym every night for the past couple months and let me just tell you we have seen a major difference in ourselves, and we look so much better. So all I’m going to say is that if you work hard you will see results, and for most girls you wont see a major difference right away but I promise you you will get there. Just train hard and don’t let yourself give up!

Since we workout every day I’m always in gym clothes and they are so comfortable to lounge in, so I decided I would share with you some of my new favorites for working out.

  • First is my new Nike ID’s, my boyfriend got me them for my birthday and let me just say they are beyond comfortable and I’m literally obsessed with them!
  • Next are my Jabra wireless earbuds. I cant tell you guys enough how amazing these are for working out, they are truly an amazing product. You don’t have to worry about a wire being attached to your phone and having it literally attached to your hip. They connect through blue tooth, and they stay in your ears very well so you wont have to worry about them falling out while working out.
  • Than we have the Victoria Secret Pink workout shirts, they are just perfection. They come in so many colors and styles and they fit perfectly. They are the perfect top to spice up your workout outfit.

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  • The Nike Pro shorts= Life, there’s not a time where I’m not wearing these bad boys. I have two other colors and eventually I’m going to buy more. They fit nice and snug and show off your booty really well! But really they are the comfiest shorts and well worth the money.
  • Finally is my Pink zip up, I recently got this when I was in New York and its just the perfect go to zip up. Its neutral colored and goes with anything.

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I cannot forget this because it’s my new favorite so of course I had to share it with you all. I got this done last Friday, It’s not done yet but I cant wait till it is!! I hope you enjoyed this post and comment and let me know what are your workout favorites!

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