Super Chic Bathroom DIY


Who doesn’t love coming up with new ways to redecorate something? It’s a nice way to change up the way a room looks and sometimes change is just a much needed thing. My  mom has been redecorating lately and this was her most recent project. I wanted to share it with you all because it’s super cute and easy!

All you need is some class jars and taper holders, and of course stuff to fill them with! For those who don’t know what a taper holder is its like a candle stand and all you do is glue them onto the bottom of the glass jars using E6000 adhesive. You can get the jars at Michael’s or the Dollar store. The taper holders are a nice touch to add height and more detail to each jar. You can also use apothecary jars which is what the nail polish is in. They already have the stand and there’s so many you can  choice from.


It’s also a great way to display your makeup such as lipsticks, single eyeshadows, makeup brushes and so on. Ours are filled with nail polish (which reminds me of a jar full of candy with all the different colors), eyeshadows, makeup brushes & everyday stuff, and than q-tips, and cotton balls. You can totally be creative with this and put whatever fits your needs best. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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