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Hi everyone I thought it would be a good idea to do a makeup organization post since I recently got a new desk/vanity from ikea. I wanted to share with you how I display and organize my makeup!

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So the first thing I did was use this metal holder for my eye shadow palettes. It’s a great way to display them and it’s very easy to get too. I had this holder for the longest time and I didn’t want to throw it out, and I’ve seen so many beauty people that buy actual holders and I wasn’t going to spend the money on one when I could transform one into something I already owned.  The next is this acrylic organizer it’s perfect for holding my brushes, q-tips, and my eyebrow things. It’s the perfect size because it doesn’t take up  a lot of room on the desk.


Last is my makeup case, I’ve posted a photo of this before but I decided to talk about it again for this post. I’ve seen a lot of girls with the acrylic drawers that hold all their makeup, and it’s a great idea. But if I’m going somewhere I don’t like having to pack up all my makeup. Having this case makes it so much easier because everything is in one place and if I’m going somewhere I can just grab the whole case and go. It’s a great decoration piece on the vanity as well.  Buying pieces like these are a great way to keep your makeup area organized and still look put together.

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