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Hello all, I’m back and decided to update you on my hair care routine since I’ve changed up the products I use. I have a sensative scalp and I recently found out I have Seborrheic Dermatitis which causes my scalp to ich really bad and most shampoos make it worse so other than being on medicated shampoo my doctors recommened the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree line because it soothes the scalp. So I picked up the ┬áPaul Mitchell Tea Tree line and I must say I actually really like it. I purchased the Lavendar Mint scent because it was the nicest smelling out of the three he has. It’s a very cooling sensation when used and it leaves your hair smelling really fresh and clean. The moisture rich conditioners and amino acids improve strength, shine, and manageability. The calming quencher cleanses and soothes. I picked up the travel size of both the shampoo & conditioner just to see if I liked it before I go and buy the full size of it. I picked these up at Ulta for $6 so it’s definitely worth a try.

Next as far as styling goes I’m always switching it up because my hair get’s too used to the same products. I’ve been using the ORIBE Creme of Style. This ultra-luxe range keeps hair looking beautiful and healthy for simply gorgeous hair. It combines the gentlest ingredients and and offers firm yet flexible all day hold and tames frizz with rich moisturizers. I have naturally curly hair so it does get very frizzy at the top so I make sure whatever product I style with tames frizz. This line is what my hair salon uses and they have a vary wide range of products for every hair type and look you want. My hair care routine is pretty basic, I feel like you don’t have to use a whole lot of products to achieve the look you want. Just as long as you find and use the right products!

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