Philosophy: The Microdelivery Peel

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I know you should typically try the product more than once before reviewing it, buttt I couldn’t wait. last week my face wasn’t looking so flawless I will admit (probably from all the chocolate I’ve been eating) my face was breaking out more than usual and it was dry in some spots due to my facial medication. So I decided to try this facial peeling rub hoping to get rid of the dryness and cleanse my face a little. It did just that, it left my face feeling extremely smooth and soft. I was very happy with the results and it only takes a view minutes to achieve it!

For those of you who don’t really know about the brand Philosophy here’s a little summary. Philosophy is Adored by celebrities, dermatologists and, most importantly, their customers, philosophy inspires you to live a better life by being better to yourself. Through effective skincare formulas, fresh scents, gorgeous colors, and inspirational packaging, the brand brings beauty to the body and the mind.

What it is: A two step, exfoliating skin transformation.

What it’s formulated to do: This revolutionary duo works together to resurface skin and replenish it with essential vitamin C and peptides. The Vitamin C/Peptide Resurfacing Crystals gently rejuvenates and revitalizes as the Lactic/Salicylic Activating Gel helps to minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles while providing a secondary exfoliation.

How to use: Step 1 is the Vitamin c/peptide resurfacing crystals. Apply a teaspoon amount onto clean, dry skin. Once applied, crystals should appear almost like a mask. Next gently massage in a circular motion over entire face for up to 60 seconds, avoiding eye area. Do not scrub; use less pressure for sensitive skin. Step 2 is the Lactic/Salicylic Acid Activating Gel. Again place a generous teaspoon amount in the palm of your hand. Massage gel onto fingertips and apply on top of crystals. As activator is applied, a warming sensation will occur. White foam will appear, indicating activation. Next leave foam on for two to three minutes to infuse vitamin C and peptides into the skin. Lastly rinse thoroughly.

You can find this set at anyone of these sites:,en_US,pd.html.

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