Perfect colors for spring

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Now that spring is upon us I gathered some great colors that you can rock during this season. Let’s just jump right into it,  starting with the two eye shadows:

Rule– Bright orange, Highly pigmented, blends well, and applies evenly

Summer Haze– Perfect bronzey glow, Mineralize eye shadow, sheer & lightweight application, color builds lightly layer after layer without heavy coverage.

Next is a blush, I’m not really a blush person I go for more of a bronzed look all the time. Recently I decided to use the one and only blush I have which is Melba. It’s more of a natural looking pink shade and it goes on smooth and blends perfectly! It adds just the right amount of color too the cheeks.

Lastly is yup you guessed it another nude lip stick! You really can’t go wrong with nudes, they go with any makeup look. And since spring is coming up I think if you like bold colors on the eyes, it’s important to do a nude lip to sort of tone the look down. I recently had empties for MAC, which in case you are not familiar with that, you save up whatever product has run out and you take them back to the store and you receive a free lipstick. You have to have at least 6 empties in order to get a free lipstick. It’s an awesome idea because who doesn’t want a free MAC lipstick? Anyway the lipstick I chose to get was Myth. I don’t really have a nude nude so I thought I would be better off getting that. It was a tough choice not going to lie because I spent like 15 minutes trying on different colors trying to find something different. Of course I went with what I’m safe with; nude obviously.  Below I swatched everything so you can see how they look.

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Left to right( Myth, Rule, Summer Haze, & Melba)

These colors are so so perfect for spring/summer. With the summer haze it literally screams summer. Its shimmery and bronzey and would look awesome on different skin tones especially with a nice tan. Rule is my favorite orange, I’ll definitely be wearing this a lot more come spring and summer. As for the blush, I’m getting more into it because I like the color it adds. And for the lipstick, well it’s nude so It’ll get a lot of use!



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