Tips for a pouty full lip


Everyone is looking for a way to have that perfect full lip without having to spend a ton of money on getting it surgically done. For those of us that are not filthy rich and can spend money like it’s nothing, I’m here to share two of my tips that I have for achieving a fuller lip.

Now I recently came across a different way to make your lips appear more pouty looking. In order to do that all you have to do is contour right under your bottom lip. Before you start freaking out wondering how much you have to contour, all you are doing is making a shadow underneath your bottom lip to make it appear like it sticks out more. I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit in the shade Java, and I applied it with my Urban Decay J3D brush using the small side. You don’t have to have this kit in order to achieve this look. A eye shadow will do just fine, just make sure it’s not too dark that its noticeable, and make sure you blend out the line for you don’t want a harsh line under your lips.

Next step is over lining your lips. I know this is not new news to any of you but it seriously does help! In order to really get the full lip look you really have to find the right spot to over line it. If you look at your cupids bow you’ll see almost like a white outline around your lips right above where the natural color of your lips are. That is where you want to over line your lips. For the sides of my mouth and underneath I usually keep the lines the same to match the rest of my mouth because I don’t want my lips to look like a clown. The only part that really makes them look full is over lining the top and than bringing it down normally to match the rest of your lips.

Between over lining your lips, and contouring under the bottom lip it’s super easy to get the full lip look. Below is a before and after photo of my lips. The top one is my lips normally, and the bottom one is with the contour and over lining my lips. You can obviously tell the difference those two steps make. This is just an easier less expensive way to get the full lips you always wanted.



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