Why it’s important to have a best friend

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 1. Honesty 

A best friend knows you well, and is able to tell it like it is. No holding back because she’s got your best interest at heart.

2. Connectedness  

No matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen each other, or what the other person is doing she will always be there. You still have the same connection even when you both are not together. And when you do finally see each other it’s like nothing has ever changed, and you start from where you last left off.

3. Confidence Boost

Best friends lift each other up, and make the other feel good about themselves. Best friends empower one another.

4. Loyalty 

Loyalty means never having to worry about your secrets being spilled or talking behind your back. Best friends are equal built in trust. A best friend wont betray you and will always have your back.

5. Good listeners 

One of the greatest things about having a best friend is that you can share everything. Being able to share details and problems about our lives helps to normalize whatever has happened. Its a great feeling to be able to open up and get out whatever is on your mind.

6. A sister you never had 

A best friend is like a sister you don’t have to actually live with. She’s someone who can you have fun with and share clothes with and never argue over stupid things. You understand one another and put total trust towards and know it wont ever be broken.

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