Sweater Weather 

              Leather jacket: Express

          Sweater tunic: Victoria Secret

               leggings: Forever 21

     Over the knee boots: Steve Madden

               Purse: Michael Kors

 Yesterday while rushing to find something to wear to class I cam across this Victoria Secret sweater that I haven’t worn in forever. It’s one of those sweaters you can just throw on with a pair of leggings and cute boots and be out the door. Simple outfit yet stylish is my favorite. I don’t usually have a lot of time in the morning to try and put together an outfit. So I usually try and think of one the night before, most of the time I end up wearing something totally different than I had pictured, Outfits like this are really easy and it looks like you really put in effort when you actually didn’t. It’s called not having a lot of time and throwing on the first thing you see!

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