Liquid lipstick: Pure Hollywood

liquid lipstick

Let me start off by saying that this lipstick met all my expectations! As many of you may know  Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with  liquid lipsticks, and everyone has bee raving about them. Now I’m a lipstick girl I have so many, but when I heard about these I got really excited and wanted to purchase one. When I went to go buy one online they were sold out of the Pure Hollywood because I imagine it’s one of their most popular colors being that they are once again sold out. So I had to wait until they were back in stock to go about purchasing this. Well I finally got my liquid lipstick in the mail yesterday and I’m in all of this product.

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So for those of you who don’t know what a liquid lipstick is, it’s a lipstick that goes on like gloss but drys matte. These liquid lipsticks have SOO much pigment, so when applying you don’t need a whole lot because a little goes a long way. Of course when it got delivered I had to try it away. Now I had this lipstick on all day and not once did I need to touch it up, because it stayed on so well. When I say that this lipstick didn’t budge, I’m serious you could eat and drink and this sucker is not moving. I tend to have a problem where my lipstick doesn’t stay on for more than a couple hours without having to touch it up, but this one I’m very pleased with. Not only is the color gorgeous but it stays on all day, nothing gets better than that. This beauty was only $20 and you can purchase her here, keep in mind some of the colors are sold out again but should be back up soon. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to try something different, and is looking for a long wear lipstick!

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