Best Concealer ever!

Ever have a hard time finding the right concealer that highlights and get’s rid of dark under eye circles? Well you no longer have to struggle with trying to find the perfect one because I just found it for you. The age rewind comes with a sponge applicator that lets you dab or swipe on as little or a lot of concealer as you want. You can twist the bottom which¬†controls how much concealer comes out of the sponge. This concealer is small and very convenient with how easy it is to use. No pouring, or having to use a brush to apply it. I do recommend using a foundation to brush to blend it out under the eyes because it covers a larger area at a time instead of using a smaller brush. Highlighting became ten times easier with this age rewind, as long as you purchase a shade lighter than your skin tone. You want the concealer to really highlight the face, not so much blend in with your skin color or foundation like you would to cover blemishes. When applied under the eyes it instantly removes dark circles and makes you look more awake. If you are anything like me, and touch up your makeup through out the day than this is perfect for you. It keeps you looking more lively as the day goes on and it doesn’t look cakey. So reapply as often as you please. ¬†If you are someone who contours than this little guy will be your best friend when highlighting the nose or cheekbones. I only contour my nose and once I’m done I dab a little bit of this concealer onto the center of my nose and than blend it just a little. It is $10 and you can find it at any drugstore, and let me tell you this is totally worth the money once you see how smooth the concealer is on your skin.

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