Time stops for no one

Literally this year has gone so fast it’s kinda scary. I remember just starting my senior year and how crazy it felt to think “this is it”, my last year in high school. I’m going to be starting a whole new chapter in my life. Then fast forward to senior prom, I always imagined that day and what I would look like and what dress I would wear. It was a perfect night. Than fast forward some more to graduation.. That was so surreal to me. After being in school for 12 years I was now getting my diploma handed to me and throwing my cap in the air; throwing away 12 whole years that I won’t get back. It’s crazy really, to think I’m here right now about to start college in three weeks. Moving on in life and taking on more responsibilities that I feel as if I may not be ready for. Everything is happening so fast and I’m sorta scared not gonna lie. I don’t want this summer to end, that too flew by in the blink of an eye. Don’t know where that went either, I wish time would just slow down. I feel like time goes so incredibly fast that we no longer have time to enjoy it and take it all in. You have got to cherish every moment while you still can because you won’t get that time back. It’s time too cherish new moments and see what the future holds because there’s no going back, it’s only forward from here.

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