Makes you wonder..

Have you ever just stood outside and notice how everything is so still and quiet? And how you’re living in this big world that doesn’t care if you’re there or not. Kinda like the ocean and the sharks, that’s there world you’re stepping into. All of us are just living in this round thing that’s floating in space. Meanwhile we are all trying to make something of ourselves and going about our daily routines in everyday life. No one really stops to think that there are millions and millions of other people out there doing the same exact thing, people we will never ever meet, even though we all live in the same place. It’s weird how at night when you think the whole world is asleep, they really aren’t there’s people already starting the next day while you’re just ending yours. Everything seems so still and quiet but it’s not, it’s almost like an allusion messing with your mind. What’s funny is how so many of us try to be better than everyone else when eventually we will all end up in the same place. Like what’s the point? Everyone’s just trying to make it in this big world. What’s really strange to think is that no one really told you what to do in life you just kinda learned based on others. So without other people where exactly would you be? We all depend on one another, wether that’s to teach you to take your first steps or your last. Or help you to get a job and succeed, no one has ever done something by themselves without help or advice from someone else. It all just makes you wonder doesn’t it, the little things about life and how it all works.

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