My holy grail product!


     Tired of dry peeling lips? Well this is by far the best lip product I’ve ever tired. My lips always peel when I wear lipstick and I have a tendency to pick and bite my lips to try and get rid of the dry skin. I’ve bought and tried so many chap sticks and they never seemed to work until I purchased this lip conditioner from MAC. It  Contains Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, and vitamins A and E. It’s formulated for high impact to use alone or under lipstick. It helps seal in moisture to protect the lips. I use this before I go to bed so they are nice and smooth in the morning and I apply it  before I put lipstick on so my lips don’t peel and it lasts a while through out the day. It gives my lips a nice smooth and soft feeling and it has subtle vanilla scent which I love. It has gotten a lot of great reviews and it’s only $15, and I’m telling you this is the best $15 you’ll ever spend on a lip product. So toss out all your other chap sticks and go buy this amazing product. I promise you it’s worth it!!

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