Why you shouldn’t wear makeup to bed…

I never understood why or how girls could just fall asleep without washing off there face. It’s important to remove all the makeup and grim from pollution that sits on your face and can sink into your pores. Your face needs to breathe but how can it when it has a thick layer of makeup? All that seeps into your pores and it gets clogged causing breakouts and no girl likes to breakout. The skin needs oxygen to repair itself and sleeping in makeup stops it from it’s natural exfoliating process which can leave your skin looking dull. And ever wonder why your eye lashes break so easily? Wearing mascara to sleep makes them inflexible so it’s important to wash your eye makeup off as well. So before you jump right in bed after a long day remember to take care of your skin so it looks as healthy as possible and you and your skin will feel better!

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