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Today I came across two amazing fashion bloggers with the help of Express. I was browsing on Express this morning and at the bottom of the homepage was an Instagram icon with @Expressrunway and next to it was an option to either upload your own photo or view the gallery. That is where people upload photos of themselves wearing express clothing and from there you can view there Instagrams.

Thats when I came across Jessi Malay & Adam Gallagher. Let me just say that their Instagrams are so visually pleasing that it’s almost sick! While scrolling through their pages it’s almost like you can escape the world for a minute and see things through their eyes. The photos are not only captivating but beautiful. As soon as I followed them I knew I had to make a post to share with you all.

FullSizeRender-3 Adam Gallagher focuses on menswear, traveling, andlifestyle which is displayed throughout his Instagram, and also on his website.


Jessi focuses on not only fashion, beauty, but she also sings and has a Youtube channel.

I love when I find new people to follow especially people who put in time and effort to make their page appealing to their audience. If any of you are looking for new fashion pages to follow try checking out Express’s website because the gallery page goes on and on with different people. I hope you give them a follow, it’ll make your feed a little more entertaining/pleasing.

Until next time xoxo

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